Should sampling and reconstruction be a separate chapter? It’s intimately tied to images.

Prefilters for Sharp Image Display is a fantastic resource for sampling and reconstruction. Rocha’s masters thesis, Optimal prefilters for display enhancement, covers the same material and provides even more background. Some points we definitely want to cover:

  • Tradeoff between aliasing, ringing, and sharpness
    • Pure sinc filter is wrong; prioritizes aliasing and sharpness, ringing is bad
    • Box filter is good for sharpness but bad on aliasing
  • Oblique projections
    • First filter determines aliasing vs ringing tradeoff
    • Second filter improves sharpness
  • Clamping
    • Serious issue for text, less so natural images
    • HDR may reduce need for clamping positive light

A Fresh Look at Generalized Sampling is a deep theoretical exploration into filtering and reconstruction.